Top 5 Fashion 2017 Q & A answered By Two Leading Bloggers

I shared some style insights in this guest post with two leading bloggers!


Hey guys!

The first month of 2017 is almost over and the Top 5 Fashion Q & are answered! The Two Fashion Bloggers featured are the ‘Fashionably Yours’ Yosra B. Abdallah and the French Femme Madeline!

Yosra B. Abdallah


She is the one behind the Fashion & Lifestyle Blog SOYANCE , LE BLOG D’UNE STYLISTE !!

Lets Start with her Q & A!

1. Which colour is going to trend this year in the fashion world?

I am not sure about the new trending colour, but according to Pantone green is the colour of the year so we expect many green shades. I guess one is always safe with nudes and basic colours like black burgundy grey and blue! When watching different 2017 Ready to wear Runways, I noticed that stripes are predominant and in monochrome especially. I can say stripes will be the pattern of the year 🙂

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4 different ways to wear your bomber jacket this fall/winter


Hello fashionistas!

I hope you are having a good time 🙂

I decided to make this  quick article mostly for fashion inspiration. I hope these looks will inspire you and then you can add your personal touch  to make a statement.These are 4 different styles to wear your bomber jacket at different occasions: from casual to evening looks. Now, you just can’t be wrong this fall, if you were running out of ideas 😉 ! Enjoy 🙂

Style 1: Casual

Description: Bomber jacket+ Sneakers/ trainers or flats



Style 2: Casual chic

Description: Satin Bomber/printed jacket+ Heels or flats


Style 3: fancy look

Description: Bomber Jacket+ a statement garment or an Asian floral inspiration

Style 4 : Glamorous look:

Description: Bomber Jacket with (Haute) couture details + heels


 We can’t love the embroidery details and the appliqué of the  grey bomber jacket. The look on the right was spotted from the runway, the  white laser-cut lace matched with the belt is amazing with the maxi skirt!

Sonam Kapoor in Ralph and Russo for London Film Festival 2016



This celebrity look is just stunning!I fancy the appliqué flowers, well and Sonam Kapoor just kills it with the make up and hair style ❤


Photo curtsey: Pinterest

which style is the perfect combo for you?

I hope this short article was inspirational. See you soon 😉


Fashionably yours ❤

” I don’t design clothes, I design dreams.” Ralph Lauren


Dear followers, first let me thank you for your feedback on my blog. I took some time to check out your blogs and I am really amazed by the richness and uniqueness of every blog. Here is a new article that does not directly address fashion, but refers to an important chapter of my life: How I decided to start following my dream of becoming a fashion designer. It is written with so much affection and gratitude. Enjoy !

“Have you ever wondered about all the choices we make in our life thanks to someone? Can you think of one choice you made under the influence of meeting someone in a particular time and place? Well, for me I can remember one very well.

Since my childhood, I used to feel an innate love for fabric and a passion for imagining dresses for every occasion.  I used to play with my mum’s scarves, with bath towels, and even with bed sheets. My enthusiasm has undergone several stages: from dress up games and following the runway trends, to sketching and more. Before that day,  I felt I  had no prospects in the fashion industry due to a lack of money to study in a renown school of design. Watching haute couture runways was for sure exciting, but terribly frustrating.  I knew nothing about sewing techniques, so I always ended up feeling hopeless, almost depressed. I thought I should rather dream about a more realistic job or path to follow.


Six years ago, I met someone, who at first annoyed me a lot with his self-confidence and smartness. Never have I experienced before, such ambivalent feelings of attraction, hate, defiance and curiosity, all at once. I really wanted to convince myself that he was nothing more than an arrogant designer and a talented pianist.  I kept repeating that to myself day and night only to hamper him from invading my life, my mind and mostly my heart. I kept saying so, until I started working with him as a stylist for real customers.

These are some of the sketches I made during that job. I never had a course on that. I learned on my own.

How was the job? Well, It was just like a fairy tale.  I was given the chance to sketch for 25 customers, to hear their stories and live their dreams. Because every woman is unique, we designed custom made dresses for every dream. Obviously,   we faced several challenges of all kinds, yet we proudly made it. Ralph Lauren says: “ I don’t design clothes, I design dreams”. He is definitely right. The spell starts with every woman’s dream and it is up to your creativity and perseverance to make it come to light.

Not only did meeting that designer initiate me into fashion design, but also made me believe that I was meant to be a designer and I ultimately should fight for that dream. Reaching a certain level of confidence is not something easily attainable. It is only later that I realized that you would not make a single person believe in you, unless you do so in the first place.

In short, the results are (un)fortunately the following: working with him triggered my senses and drew my attention to my unleashed potential in design. So, I ended up loving fashion design a bit more, but loving him much more. My journey in fashion design officially started afterwards.”                       

One of the designs I made thanks to the training. You can check my Instagram account to see more designs. Click here

 This story may not be of much importance to you as it is for me. However what I really want to tell you:

“You should believe in yourself to make others believe in you”.

While beginnings are bloody hard, faith, hope and work make the struggle exciting. No matter who you are and what you want to achieve, I truly hope this post would give you some positive vibes to carry on believing in yourselves. 

Thank you for stopping by 😉

Lots of love and encouragement

Yosra, fashionably yours  ❤

New York city was the inspiration of Elie Saab’s latest Haute couture collection.


Dear readers, this is another fashion review about an international fashion designer, whom I have been following for about 10 years. In this collection, Elie Saab seems to break with his signature style of simplicity and refinement. Bold and  sophisticated, are rather the looks of this Haute couture collection.

Let’s start.

With the opening of a new Boutique at Madison Avenue in NY, Elie Saab chose to draw his inspiration from New York city for this Fall winter 16/17 Haute couture collection. The opening looks had a direct reference to New York skyline and lit skyscrapers windows.

This stunning burnout velvet fabric is just mesmerising.

The dresses are feminine with the contrast of velvet and the transparency of tulle; flowy, light, but embellished at once. The feathers and birds ornamented the models.

Elie Saab, masterfully used several techniques, such as the 3-D bead embroidery, water colour silk impression, appliqué and draping, just to name few.


As far as the embellishment is concerned, we can notice bird broches with sequins, flocking bird sets in crystals and stones joined with feathers. Also, Some models wore statement necklaces. Most designs had waist belts in velvet or in leather.

It can be said that Saab was inspired by the 1920’s vintage style when designing the purses for this collection. The dominant Fabric in this collection is definitely velvet. It was present in several colours. Also he used wool crepe, silk organza, duchesse satin and lace.

Now, let’s talk about the dominant hues and silhouettes. This designer has already a long tradition of structured silhouettes; we just can’t fall under the spell of the asymmetric guipure basque, the deep V neckline with the split dress, the classy jumpsuit with a cape. The model shined in blue, black, plum and some nude dresses with contrasted bead work in silver and gold.


This is a close-up at the bead work in the shape of birds and flowers. It would have taken them days and days to finish those kind of embroideries.

For the first time, the Lebanese designer makes “mother and daughter” looks. The little models were just amazing. They captivated the eyes with their innocence and their little couture dresses. They almost had the same hair colour of the real models, which made them look like their real daughters. With the introduction of those designs, Elie Saab aims at expanding his clintele.

To be honest, this is not my favourite collection. I personally think that this collection, though it is highly technical in terms of embroidery, flattering silhouette and fabric blend, it does not directly refer to Saab’s renown style. It seems to be made to lure a wider style of ladies.I would think of far-eastern celebrities who crave for experimental fashion. Well, that is not an offense of course, It is rather a personal opinion  based on observation. Thanks to their expertise, designers become very aware of the variety of styles and tastes of their clientele.


What do you think about this show?Would love to hear your opinions 🙂

You can see the full collection here .

P.s: I hope this review made you Experience the show and provided you with an insight about the coming trends. This is not the latest collection; already there is a ready to wear and resort line available. I will be hopefully making other reviews soon. Well, It is quite hard to keep with the pace of international fashion houses which produce 4 collections per season. Also, It was hard to choose which designs to include to illustrate the techniques and silhouettes.

Hope you enjoyed it 😉

See you soon 🙂

Yosra, Fashionably yours ❤.

Hijab fashion was present in NY Fashion Week for the first time thanks to Anniesa Hasibuan


The young Indonesian fashion designer, Anniesa Hasibuan was the first Hijab designer to showcase her  Spring/ Summer 2017 collection  in New York Fashion Week after exhibiting in London in 2015. Inspired by her culture’s style, Annisea wanted to bring forward a feminine and modern vision of woman.


Full of color and life, this collection targets every Hijabi who wants to be fashionable. The cuts are kept simple, but hand-embroidery would not disappoint you.The color palette captivated the sense of the fashion enthusiast guests; it was mostly about pastels. The designer used a wide range of fabrics such as velvet, silk and satin.


The shoes  and the scarves were mostly simple and in nude colours. Statement necklaces were the major accessory.The first event to ever be dedicated to Hijab fashion was the International Modest Fashion Week in Istanbul, in May 2016.


I think  such initiative would foster creativity in the industry of Modest Fasion and help emerging designer reach a wider audience. Bringing together different styles from different countries is just a great inspiration for every hijabi everywhere.

Yosra, Fashionably yours

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