New Year: New goals & New achievements

Dear blog friends, I hope this post finds you well! I am terribly sorry for writing this post 2 weeks after when supposed to be posted because of personal matters. So, let me send you my warmest wishes for a happier  year in which you will accomplish a lot. HAPPY NEW YEAR! To everyone reading me now, how was 2016 in few words? Have you set your new goals? If not yet, stay to discover what helped me set mine.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

As another year winds down, I feel it is crucial to meditate and review my failures and my achievements. Being a young fashion entrepreneur, making the first steps in the business world were by far easy. I went through a period of disappointments and frustration that distracted me from progressing. (I will tell you more about that in the coming posts 😉 )

Highlighting some of my 2016 achievements boosts my motivation!

You can check me out here!

So, I decided to stay positive and to draw my 2017 resolutions. I thought these thoughts can boost your energy  to kick off a new year, as they did to me.


#1  If you are feeling underestimated and uncomfortable in your job, plan to leave it because you deserve a self-rewarding one. If you look well, I am sure you will find a better one 😉 I wish you GOOD LUCK with that!

#2 If in the last year you were trapped in an unhealthy relationship that brought you more pain and trouble, 2017 needs a different start !Sometimes, we need to dare to say “ENOUGH”. May be it is time to think more about yourself and about what you REALLY need.

#3 If you (like me) want to travel in 2017,  but you are a bit frustrated about having enough savings, just don’t be! I believe we can make it if we do our best to achieve that 😉

#4 Have you sent your wish list or your to buy list? It is always fun and motivating to set tangible goals.Don’t forget to take a pen and a sheet of paper to make an action plan to buy them without ruining your 

#5 Last but not least, consider changing some bad habits to take care more about your life-style! I suppose we all have some habits that can be altered by better one; it could be smoking, not enough workouts, not eating fruits and veggies etc. Figure out one and think why you need to change that bad habit and how . 

#6 If you wanted to do an extra activity , but in 2016 kept saying “I have no time for that!”, please remember there is NEVER A GOOD time. We just keep procrastinating and finding excuses for being lazy. I CAN PERFECTLY RELATE to that 😉


Before I finish, I really feel setting my new year resolutions is highly motivating. It gives meaning to my daily struggles. After reading me, take few minutes to ask yourself: WHAT I WANT TO CHANGE IN 2017? Dive inside yourself to come out with answers, make a realist action plan and stick to it. At the start, it looks hard but it you believe in yourself you will reach that!

Still lacking some motivation? My next post will hopefully inspire you to get the right dose of enthusiasm.THANK YOU for stopping by 😉


Fashionably yours ❤