4 different ways to wear your bomber jacket this fall/winter


Hello fashionistas!

I hope you are having a good time 🙂

I decided to make this  quick article mostly for fashion inspiration. I hope these looks will inspire you and then you can add your personal touch  to make a statement.These are 4 different styles to wear your bomber jacket at different occasions: from casual to evening looks. Now, you just can’t be wrong this fall, if you were running out of ideas 😉 ! Enjoy 🙂

Style 1: Casual

Description: Bomber jacket+ Sneakers/ trainers or flats



Style 2: Casual chic

Description: Satin Bomber/printed jacket+ Heels or flats


Style 3: fancy look

Description: Bomber Jacket+ a statement garment or an Asian floral inspiration

Style 4 : Glamorous look:

Description: Bomber Jacket with (Haute) couture details + heels


 We can’t love the embroidery details and the appliqué of the  grey bomber jacket. The look on the right was spotted from the runway, the  white laser-cut lace matched with the belt is amazing with the maxi skirt!

Sonam Kapoor in Ralph and Russo for London Film Festival 2016



This celebrity look is just stunning!I fancy the appliqué flowers, well and Sonam Kapoor just kills it with the make up and hair style ❤


Photo curtsey: Pinterest

which style is the perfect combo for you?

I hope this short article was inspirational. See you soon 😉


Fashionably yours ❤


13 thoughts on “4 different ways to wear your bomber jacket this fall/winter

  1. Hey there!! I am very interested in these style statements.. but I would like to know how the celebrity has sported a bomber jacket or is it just like a look of the week? It seems to me that the celebrity is wearing a dress with a top half resembling a bomber jacket… #ralphandrusso

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    1. Hello Nuur! Thank you for your interest and your confidence! Since I can’t be sure about making a special post on styling bomber jackets for hijabis as I made a more general post on that garment, I do promise to send you some styling ideas by email!
      Just send me a hello from your personal email so that I can reply to that one 😉

      Stay tuned 😉

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